Recently I came back from a workshop that was mainly about rewriting the stories we tell ourselves about our lives especially when they no linger ring true. This workshop was based on the research and work of the amazing Brene Brown, a teacher I consider of one of the best calibers as per the way her right and left brain so wonderfully interact and inform. Her book, The Gifts of Imperfection, I must have bought at least 100 times as it was the book I first gifted coaching clients when I began my practice. I would ask them to read it during our time together if it resonated and if so we could have our own personal book club. I have stopped gifting this book as I have learned that not all clients need the same message however I will still recommend it when I feel it is just the right words for just the right person.

Some of the highlights of this workshop besides not having a phone or internet service for three days was looking at the heavy burdensome rock like things we all carry around with us and simply stopping to see if they really serve us anymore and if so in which ways. I felt the heavy load lighten a bit after my time and I intentionally set down some old stories I have been carrying around that aren’t fully precise or even true at all. I have since found the space that action created within me is invaluable. This space has since been filled with what I truly want to tend to and care for. It has allowed me to let more joy into my life and truly grieve what needs to die.

I tend to learn experientially and rumble with things in order to sort them out. Letting this process in to occur is the first step. Investing in ourselves in this modern world as somewhat challenging as we are told in sublime messages to keep our productivity up and never leave the sides of our children. I remember waking up one morning about six weeks prior to the retreat and my intuition said to look for getaways that will allow me to do my own work. Every year or so I have this need to go away somewhere outside of fun family or romantic trips and adventures but somewhere I can go within so I can come back to this life more fully myself and awake. I am grateful I listened and vow to continue to listen to these guiding parts of myself which truly know what I need on the deepest level. There are a million excuses to put ourselves off yet nothing is as important or will serve the world more than tending to ourselves.