Penelope Rose Miller, CPCC PCC 

 What I have learned doing this work for over 15 years and what I care most about teaching as an Organizer and Spatial Intuitive

NAVIGATING CHOICE. In what ways do you feel overwhelmed and then doubt yourself and then that doubt is what you focus on? Instead of pushing ourselves around with negative self talk and fearing making the wrong choices we will practice self trust with tangible skills and tools to take into the rest of your life not just your space.

PROCESS VS PRODUCT.  Do you find yourself rushing through your days because you want to cross off all of your “to dos”? How we relate to the process is equally as important as the end result we desire. We tend to rush in a breathless state of unconscious decision making and doing as we relate with our space, our friends, our partners, our children, our habits, and ourselves. We will reflect on the ways you wish to not only accomplish things in life but also to live a fulfilled and acknowledged life. That all has to do with the beauty of the process and our movements.

NO SUCH THING AS PERFECT.  How often does the thought of having to get something just right or perfect ironically stop you from doing anything at all? I rather show up honestly and authentically even if that means I might make a mistake or am not be liked by all and I am going to invite you to do the same. This approach frees us up to live our lives unapologetically and outside the bounds of shoulds, shame, and guilt. We will focus more on accepting our imperfections and striving for the best expression of ourselves.

SELF IMPROVEMENT AS JUST ANOTHER WAY TO FLOG YOURSELF. I challenge you to even look at why you are reaching out… Is it because you feel you need to fix yourself/ your life/ your space? I call bullshit on that. You are not broken. You are whole and you are also becoming whole. This is a continuation of the embracing our imperfections and seeing how we are relating with change. We think we are motivating ourselves by seeing all the flaws but there are purer ways towards change. So we will look at the ways we are blocking acceptance of ourselves and our lives and therefore also blocking true transformation from occurring.

ORGANIZING = SELF CARE. What if you saw organizing as something you get to do rather than have to do? Oddly, I have never been fond of the word "organizing" due to it's clinical sound. I see organizing as a way to care for yourself through your space. Not as a chore but rather a ritual. A choice to claim what is yours. A practice. A love letter written to yourself throughout your day. Your space is sacred and it is time to love the space you are in!

My Pathway from There to Here:

I graduated from Naropa University in 2001 with a B.A. in Contemplative Psychology. Naropa is a special school and it was there I started my practice of meditating, which serves me to this day. All throughout Naropa and before I worked with seniors with dementia and Alzheimers disease and young adults with developmental disabilities. 

After Naropa I traveled Europe for my own personal vision quest with only a backpack and an idea I would become comfortable in my own skin before returning home. I decided to move to San Francisco when I was in Paris. In San Francisco I first landed work as a freelance stylist for photo shoots. Finding that work creative but lacking in heart I knew I had to make a change. In 2004 I mentored under a master organizer in the bay area who happens to be my fairy god mother of choice. I was finally working on a holistic level one on one with clients.  My life purpose was becoming revealed as I noticed when I let my own light shine and as Marianne Williamson wisely said, as I let go of my own fear my presence automatically gives others permission to do the same.

In 2007 I moved to Portland,Oregon to set out to create another thriving practice in this new city as well as restore old beautiful homes and open and later sell a sweet vintage store. Portland has not disappointed! In this Portland chapter of my life I have become a mother to a strong daughter and created a beautiful community.  I strive to live each day I am gifted with powerful intention and an open heart!

 I started my work in 2012 to become an accredited Co-Active Coach, CPCC. Not many people understand that term so I have coined it Transformative Coaching since that is the essence of the work.   I am a founding member of the Portland Coaching Collective. In 2014 I went through a year long mentorship through Resolutions Northwest to become a mediator.  I am an avid learner as I always feel a humble appreciation for growth and stretching. I find depth and ground in my own 18 year long meditation practice for which I foster with retreats yearly.