What is space alchemy/professional organzing?  Alchemy is defined as the ancient practice of turning lead into gold. It is a skillful action to see the gold in the lead. I see the gold when I walk into your space even if the lead is leading. Together we discover your power and vision then create the path to possibility.  Once you see that you too are an alchemist in your own life there is no turning back. You will walk forward with the knowledge that you have what you need.

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INSIGHT: As a Spatial Intuitive my first step into any space is checking in with my gut and creating awareness.  Seeing your space for what it is and noticing what that feels like. Then helping you to be in contact and dialogue with your own inner compass as your guide when creating your space is key. Your space will feel juicy because it was created with intuition and mindfulness and will be filled up with the resonance of You. Using your gut to know what stays and what goes is the first step. Such an exciting step which becomes a flow zone.

CONNECTION: This is where we ground into Heart/Mind and connect to what is truly important to us.  We further learn to cultivate the use of our intuition and it is from here that we make all our essential choices. When we live in connection with our desires and our heart, our lives feel good and true. There is a expansive boundless quality here, as though the windows of your house are open and only the freshest brightest spring air breezes through. 

NOURISHMENT: This is the phase of seeing organizing as self care. We need to transform this “chore” into a ritual. The goal is to create life balance and reveal the marrow of who we are.  Self acceptance first, and then intentional self improvement can follow.  We replace negative limiting beliefs and self talk with a kinder and more dynamic approach.

INTEGRATION:  This is the place where all the energetic work we have done takes form as skillful acknowledgment and action. Resulting in a beautiful space for you to reside in and greater harmony within yourself. We will create pathways to follow so that you can maintain your sacred space/life and continue to thrive and grow.


Services Offered: 

Organization - for your office, home, home-office, and general work-life strategies.

Designing/Decorating rooms in your home. Using objects and artifacts already in your home we will redesign your space.

Coaching - set realistic goals, receive assistance through accountability, and gain momentum in your target areas of life!

Speaking Engagements- for your group or circle of friends who want more space alchemy tips and tricks.


Who do I Serve? 

Working with clients who want to transform their space and create beauty

Working with individuals with ADHD to create a life that feels more easeful through time management rituals

Working with people who are grieving or in a transitional time in order to help them process pain and move forward towards joy

Working with small business owners for more efficient and intuitive filing systems, home office setup, and more

Working with people who have lived their life chronically disorganized to help set realistic expectations and touchstones

Working with people who hoard and are ready to start the process of uncovering who they are underneath all the stuff

Working with people to overcome the stress of perfection in order to find their own unique excellence

Coaching and mentoring new organizers and coaches who want to start their own businesses