"I am a living testament as to how non-judgmental, how deeply kind Penelope is. I cannot tell you in written words how terrified and embarrassed *I* was. All the rest of my life unfolding exquisitely, but being unable to make a budge in my experience of 'my space', my home... (Shame, stuck, hopeless!) Something finally broke and I HAD to ask for help. All I can tell you, from the depth of my being is: Penelope is the wisest and gentlest guide I can possibly imagine, and I cannot recommend her enough because her gift is this activity of, not only clearing out but, more importantly, creating new flows, new processes, new responses to our environment!! I am stunned in my own response to my own space... I now reach for things that have a home instead of deciding to look past them!"


Katharyn W. Therapist


"Penelope is a unique coach in the way she combines intuition, power and soul deepening in her coaching all wrapped up in an exhilarating experience. Thanks to her, I was able to make a major shift in my life and solve an issue which had been dragging me down for years. The fact that she is funny and gentle in nature tops it all. From the bottom of my heart, thank you Penelope!"

Xavier W. Innovation Manager


"Penelope has transformed my life - both at home and at work. Her gentle, caring demeanor makes it easy for the most recalcitrant hoarder to part with the unnecessary in life, organize the remaining items, and feel really good about the process."

Ann C. Administrative Assistant

"My husband and I, share our home office space. For a few months I was moving my Ibook to the living room to do my work because our office space seemed so uninviting and disorganized. We hired Penelope and she not only organized our filing systems, closet and desk tops she more importantly motivated us to create a more aesthetic office. She had great tips on how to create more light and feeling of space. Penelope was a joy to have in our home and is attentive, a great communicator and she's also funny. I highly recommend her services."

Stephanie B. Author




"Penelope is that rare individual who balances the right and left brains in her boundless heart. By wrapping me up in authentic positive reflection, I accessed my own magic. This experience has helped me trust my impact in the world, and that self-confidence is helping me attract clients joyfully and minus the heavy effort I was feeling when approaching the launch of my business."

Lila G. Life Coach


"It was so comfortable working with Penelope, she is gentle and respectful and is very good at guiding one through the organizing process in a positive way. Since Penelope organized our home everything is running more smoothly and is less cluttered. I especially appreciate the job that she did on my office and filing system, my space is more efficient that I ever thought it could be and no longer am I accumulating boxes of paper to file later! I would recommend Penelope Miller to anyone...." 


Amy S. Artist



"Penelope helped me make a major leap in my business, allowing me to get my life back and spend more time with my family. Penelope coached me during a very important time of transition for my company. I'm a very organized high achiever, but I was having a really hard time letting go of responsibilities and duties, and delegating work to others.  When I started working with Penelope, I was hoping she would be able to get me even more organized so I could achieve at an even higher level. However, with her guidance, I've been able to accomplish something far more beneficial - working less and achieving more with a consistent adherence to a balanced lifestyle.  Penelope really kept me focused on my goals for my business and myself. Our year to year revenues were up 64% last quarter, and the time I spend on the job is down about the same amount. Thanks Penelope!"

Adam B. CEO

“Penelope is a breath of fresh air and a burst of energy, love and compassion. In a coaching session, she helped me change a deep rooted perspective that had me stuck in cement. She gently guided me to see several perspectives and helped me image what was possible from each. Using Penelope's creativity, we brainstormed a great action plan that I was able to commit to.” 

AnneMary S. Co-Active Coach