There is nothing more satisfying than meeting a person and helping them find ways to improve their day-to-day lives. Some of the services I offer are organizing and coaching for clients with ADHD, time management, creating filing systems for your office, organizing and coaching for compulsive hoarders, organizing for people who have been chronically disorganized their whole life. I also specialize in any room of your house that needs some love to really shine.   We essentially start de-cluttering your life and having sustainable and creative solutions for what is left.

It is wonderful seeing my clients realize their greatest potential by making their organizing skills more user friendly and intuitive based. I've found that many of my clients are then able to adopt the philosophies we use into other parts of their lives. Basically I help organize your life so that it is more easeful, useful and peaceful.  

I am so thrilled to also offer co-active coaching as part of my cosmic toolbox. Coaching helps to explore more of what you want to get out of your life and how to make that happen! Coaching is geared to provoke a shift in any area which feels stuck or no longer true for you. I have found that coaching combined with organizing is an ideal combination when dealing with chronic disorganization. 

Most importantly, I find that showing up with an open heart and a non judgmental mind is essential in the process in order to gain a sense of trust and commitment. I bring with me a genuine spirit of hope and the knowledge that anything in this life is a possibility, especially when infused with intention and energy. It is my belief that it is time to love the space you are in and I am honored to help you achieve that!