I have been doing this work for 13 plus years and this is what I have narrowed down as the essence of what I do. Of course the form of what I do looks like an organized beautiful space to call home yet I find that the essence of the action is as important as the feel good space.

 What I care about as an organizer and human:

The process vs. the product.  Of course I have your agenda at the fore front of our work together and we work to create that. However I believe that the process is just as important if not more than the end result.  I believe this about life and I believe this about organizing. We will work together to create a flow zone from which to purge and re create intuitive and sustainable systems moving forward that reflect who you are and how you live.

There is no such thing as perfect. I have to let the cat out of the bag.. I am a Virgo and by nature a perfectionist. However I realized early on in life that my perfectionist priss was stopping me from actually getting things done in my life. If I could not insure they would be perfect I sometimes would stop from even trying. This was a swirl of things which sometimes included other people;s judgments of my movements.  No more!  I work now from the model of good enough and let's just get it done! This approach frees me up to live out loud and create and live!   I will coach you to make space for this approach and see how much lighter and more authentic you feel.

You are enough as you are.  This speaks to the above with another pathway that reminds you that you already have the prize and we get to reveal the gift underneath all the bullshit that life piles on top of us. Coming from this truth will set you free to settle into your life and space in a whole new way.

Self acceptance first, self improvement second. Almost anyone can come and clean and style your space and make it look purdy.  And that will feel so great for a second until you go back to living and things get back to how they were one way or another. Change truly comes from within so we have to look at the ways we are blocking true transformation in order to live from a different place.  Sometimes it is now what we are doing but how we are doing it that we need to tweak.  

Living and making choices from your essential self vs. your social self.  Maybe you thought you "should" have a perfect dining room table because everyone else does so you try not to pay your bills or make art projects from that space. Or maybe you feel you "should" cook but never do and so feel guilty about that. Regardless of the situation where you are trying to fit yourself into how you think you should live we will discover how you want to live by uncovering what is important to you about your life and the life you create around yourself. 

Your space is sacred. Word!  Your space is a reflection of how you feel about yourself.  My job is to come in and show you your own royal heart and from then we create a sacred and beautiful space from which it can reside. However the first step you can do without me eve there.  Take a look around with the kindest set of eyes you can find and just notice.... What does your space say about you.  First choose two things that are positive. For instance if it is messyish now perhaps it says you are flexible in your approach to life.  Or that you can handle more of an overwhelm state then someone who needs things just so 24/7.  Now look and see how it makes you feel and just notice. Where do you feel resonance.. Where do you feel dissonance?  If it feels crappy then you are on the right page at the right time in your life. If it feels almost there then we will get it totally there!  Before we start our work together ground into your intention.. perhaps it is just one word.. Let this intention be what we both point towards together in our work together.  Let this be the beginning of a new vision for your life.  It is time to love the space you are in because you are scared and so is your space.


A little bit of insight into my background and how I got to where I am:


I graduated from Naropa University in 2001 with a B.A. in Contemplative Psychology. Naropa is a special school and it was there I started my practice of meditating, which serves me to this day. All throughout Naropa and before I worked with seniors with dementia and Alzheimers disease and young adults with developmental disabilities. 

After Naropa I traveled Europe for my own personal vision quest with only a backpack and an idea I would become comfortable in my own skin before returning home. I decided to move to San Francisco when I was in Paris. In San Francisco I first landed work as a freelance stylist for photo shoots. Finding that work creative but lacking in substance and heart I knew I had to make a change. In 2004 I mentored under a master organizer in the bay area who happens to be my fairy god mother of choice. I was finally working on a holistic level one on one with clients.  My life purpose was becoming revealed as I noticed when I let my own light shine I gave permission for others to access their own.

In 2007 I moved to Portland,Oregon to set out to create another thriving practice in this new city as well as restore old beautiful homes. Portland has not disappointed! In this Portland chapter of my life I have become a mother to a strong daughter and created a beautiful community.  I strive to live each day I am gifted with powerful intention and an open heart!

 I started my work in 2013 to become an accredited Co-Active Coach, CPCC. Not many people understand that term so I have coined it Transformative Coaching since that is the essence of the work. This work can be done in person or at one of two of my coaching spaces either the Courageous Coaching Cottage or at the Portland Coaching Collective of which I am a founding member.  50% of my clients I coach by phone or Skype. In order to become a certified coach I have completed over 200 hours at the Coaching Teaching Institute in San Rafael, California. I went on to become accredited by the International Coaching Federation where I became a Professional Certified Coach, PCC.  In 2014 I went through a year long mentorship through Resolutions Northwest to become a mediator.  I am an avid learner as I always feel humble appreciation for growth and stretching.